House Calls

We understand that not all individuals are able to leave their home without considerable distress.

Please call us if you are not able to travel to our office and desire a house call.

We accept the same insurance that is accepted within the office. We bill your insurance for professional services that are considered covered by your insurance carrier. Any remaining balance will be billed to you as we do in our office. If there are any fees that are not expected to be covered by insurance we will discuss that possibility prior to the service.

In addition to the professional fees for service provided, we have a $70.00 convenience fee for patients in a private residence within 8 miles driving distance from our main office of 200 Westgate Drive, West End, NC. If driving distance is between 8-12 miles, the fee is $80.00, and between 12-16 miles, the fee is $90.00. This convenience fee is not covered by insurance as it is not considered medically necessary. It is an administrative charge and compensates the physician for travel time and expenses.

The convenience fee, as well as copay, will be charged to your credit card or accepted by check prior to your visit. These payments will not be billed to your insurance carrier. The convenience fee is waived in an assisted living facility when multiple individuals are seen in one visit.

Please contact our office at 910-295-7400 in order to arrange a house call. We will be happy to assist you.